Standard Cantilever Racking

Often called ‘Tree Racking’, Cantilever Racking has quickly become an increasingly predominant pack handling solution for storing and distributing bulky, long-length products.

Being regarded by industry leaders as one of the most comprehensively designed and engineered systems available in Australia and throughout the world, the Emrack Cantilever Racking System provides unbeatable space-saving and operational efficiencies.

In high volume or multi-product/SKU environments the ability to store bulky, long length products with un-hindered access delivers selectivity and line of sight for even the bulkiest of products.

Some of Australia’s most well-recognized industrial brands have chosen to work with the team at Emrack to provide versatile, efficient and cost-effective storage and racking solutions. Emrack International can provide a customized storage solution for your business, for any product.