Get It Right The First Time

Get It Right The First Time

In late December, family owned Timber and Hardware business, Peuker and Alexander, decided to make an investment in their product storage and handling equipment. After 60 years servicing builders and renovators within the greater Melbourne area, the Campbellfield based company continued to grow and expand to a point where the challenge of storage and efficiency needed to be properly addressed.

As a leading producer of Frame and Truss solutions, the management of finished house-lots and raw materials was critical to the business. The team at Peuker and Alexander, led by Peter Alexander, approached Emrack to discuss their requirements. As Australia’s leading supplier of specialised Truss Storage solutions – and Hardware/Building Material storage systems, Emrack was well positioned to deliver significant efficiencies and benefits to the business.

Luke Cable, the National Project Leader for Emrack, worked closely with Peter Alexander to design a customised Cantilever Racking configuration to accommodate the growing storage and handling requirements of the client’s work-load. Emrack has delivered a number of Truss Cantilever Racking solutions for clients nationally – and the experience garnered in these previous projects provided the basis to ensure the best possible outcome for the Campbellfield site.

Luke states, “the Peuker and Alexander motto is “Get it Right First Time” – and this was really a great reflection of the strong relationship we formed with them – as it’s something that Emrack also focuses on.” We knew that there would be a fairly extensive consultative process to ensure that we developed the best possible solution – and after a few weeks of getting to understand the type of issues they were trying to address, we came up with a range of systems which have proven to deliver benefits after a very short period. We focused on providing the most cost-effective configuration – which meant working within the site’s footprint to allocate a Double-sided Cantilever Rack, rather than a Single-sided configuration.”

Once the final design of the Cantilever Truss Rack was specified – the installation was scheduled for the quieter Christmas New Year period – to ensure minimal disruption to the business. Immediately after completion of the installation, the business realised some significant operational efficiencies and improvements. Access to house-lots and bulk material was greatly improved – and overall workflow increased.

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