Emrack The No.1 Choice

Emrack The No.1 Choice

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Recently Emrack were awarded the contract to refit the trade area for BMS Mitre10 – a leader in the QLD building and hardware industry, located in Toowoomba. The scope of the project included manufacturing and installation of all storage systems and the redesign of the current trade floorplan configuration to allow for greater storage requirements needed to accommodate the growing BMS Mitre10 trade facility.

After close discussions between the Emrack Industrial division’s engineering and sales team, BMS Mitre10 opted for a collection of storage solutions to accommodate their rapidly expanding range of products. In early 2016, BMS Mitre 10 took delivery of a range of storage solutions, including the Emrack Cantilever Spreader Systems, Specialty Pallet Racking and Emrack A-frame storage.

With the inclusion of the Cantilever Spreader, A-frame and Specialty Pallet racking systems, BMS Mitre10 was able to achieve all of the required improvements, including increased drive through capacity, expanded aisle width and a greater storage capacity for their plaster and sheet materials. The benefits of the range of racking systems being used in concert was immediate, with increased Storage flexibility courtesy of the Emrack Cantilever Spreader system’s installation.

When BMS Mitre 10 chose to implement the Emrack Cantilever Spreader System, they were afforded the benefit of being able to comfortably store a larger range of Hardwoods, plaster sheeting, pallet storage and even large scale stillage’s -in turn providing the business with increased capacity, better visibility and improved safety.

As one of the region’s biggest and busiest trade providers, it was imperative for BMS that the site upgrade and installation did not interrupt normal trading hours. The Emrack Installation team worked closely with the BMS Mitre 10 management team to ensure uninterrupted trading for their large and loyal contingent of customers.

With the installation itself taking place over a weekend, the install was delivered on time, and without interruption. The extensive Emrack pre-works site meetings with all key stakeholders ensured a smooth installation process, which was completed with the highest level of safety and efficiency.

Emrack is proud to offer large scale trade solution to the Australian Hardware industry – including a range of competitive finance options.

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