CantiClad & Sideloader Combination

CantiClad & Sideloader Combination

The ultimate and immediate solution!
All too often, we find that customers have a pressing need for additional storage space on an existing property – but are limited by existing building areas. The CantiClad System solves this challenge. When combined with an industry leading sideloader solution, the results are exceptional.

As a fully modular, temporary structure, the CantiClad system often negates the need for specific planning permissions – and allows you to ‘get-back-to-business’ quickly – and cost effectively! When the CantiClad System is combined with a sideloader forklift – the storage capacity, efficiency and safety of your business is improved significantly.

We are certain that together with our industry leading CantiClad™ storage system Emrack can now help your business grow quickly with the supply of both your storage and machinery needs Australia Wide. The unrivalled industry leading mix of the Canticlad™ Storage System and Combi-lift allows your company to not only store vast amounts of materials free from weather and in abundance, but enables you to work with the distribution of the material faster and more safely.

The Emrack CantiClad™ system’s innovative Racking Solution, integrated into a fully enclosed shed configuration provides the ultimate solution for any existing unused outdoor area. The Canticlad solution was designed specifically to make use of the multi directional forklift – or can be built with wider aisle spans to accommodate standard forklift equipment. The modular nature of the Emrack CantiClad™ System allows for endless custom configuration to suit any area and operating method that your company employs.

Emrack is proud to offer a fully integrated solution to Australian industry – including a range of competitive finance options.

Contact Emrack today and find out how a ‘CantiClad Solution’ can be delivered quickly – and cost effectively for your business TODAY!