A Shared Commitment To Excellence

A Shared Commitment To Excellence

In 2015, family owned Aluminum business, Ullrich Aluminum, decided to make an investment in their product storage and handling equipment. After 50 years servicing industry in Australia New Zealand and the Pacific region , the Australian owned and operated company continued to grow and expand to a point where the challenge of storage and efficiency needed to be properly addressed for their Gold Coast facility.

Ullrich Aluminium is an Australian and New Zealand leader in the manufacturing and supply of multiple building and aluminium products including, aluminium extrusion, decorative metals, cladding, castings, fasterns, marine components.

Emrack worked in conjunction with Ullrich Aluminium to design, manufacture and construct the CantiClad Galvanized Cantilever structures which allowed for Ullrich Aluminium to greatly improve their vertical storage capacity allowing for a safer work site due to a clearer floor space for the movement of machinery for loading, unloading and normal daily operations.

The installation of the two CantiClad was completed in under one week. With Emrack's continued partnership with installation professionals Australia wide we pride ourselves on being able to work in conjunction with clients to ensure that the disruption to working sites is kept to an absolute minimum. Immediately after completion of the installation, the business realised some significant operational efficiencies and improvements. Access and quantity of raw and bulk material was greatly improved – and overall workflow increased.

If you think that your business can benefit from our Customisable CantiClad Storage system don't hesitate to contact us to talk to one of our professional team members located Australia Wide.

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